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Industry Grade 85% 90% 98% Formic Acid

  • Formic Acid

  • XLW

Product Description


Product Description

Formic acid, also known as methanoic acid, serves various industrial applications owing to its unique properties.
One significant use of formic acid is in the leather industry, where it is employed during the tanning process to
preserve and soften hides. Additionally, it finds application as a coagulating agent in the rubber industry during the
production of latex. Formic acid is also utilized as a preservative and antibacterial agent in livestock feed.
In terms of packaging, formic acid is typically stored and transported in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) containers
or stainless steel drums to prevent corrosion or chemical reactions. The packaging is designed to ensure the integrity
of the acid, preventing leakage and maintaining its purity. Proper labeling and safety instructions are essential on the
packaging to guide handling and storage, given the corrosive nature of formic acid.


Product Specification

Formic acid, also known as methanoic acid, is a colorless liquid with a pungent odor. It has the chemical formula
HCOOH.Here are some of its physical properties:
Physical State: Formic acid is a liquid at room temperature, but it can also exist as a gas or solid under certain

Odor: It has a characteristic sharp, pungent odor, reminiscent of vinegar.
Color: Pure formic acid is colorless.
Density: The density of formic acid is around 1.22 g/cm³.
Melting Point: Formic acid freezes at approximately 8.4 degrees Celsius (47.1 degrees Fahrenheit).
Boiling Point: The boiling point of formic acid is about 100.8 degrees Celsius (213.4 degrees Fahrenheit).




PURITY % 85% min 85.25
Density 1.2 1.2
COLOUR INDEX     10 max 7
CHLORIDE %    0.005 max   0.0026
SULFATE %    0.002max   0.0015
   FE %    0.0005 max   0.0001
   0.020 max   0.003


Formic acid has a number of commercial uses. It is used in the leather industry to degreaseand remove hair from hides and as an ingredient in tanning formulations. It is used as alatex coagulant in natural rubber production. Formic acid and its formulations are used aspreservatives of silage. It is especially valued in Europe where laws require the use of naturalantibacterial agents rather than synthetic antibiotics. Silage is fermented grass and crops thatare stored in silos and used for winter feed. Silage is produced during anaerobic fermentationwhen bacteria produce acids that lower the pH, preventing further bacterial action. Acetic acidand lactic acid are the desired acids during silage fermentation. Formic acid is used in silageprocessing to reduce undesirable bacteria and mold growth. Formic acid reduces Clostridiabacteria that would produce butyric acid causing spoilage. In addition to preventing silagespoilage, formic acid helps preserve protein content, improves compaction, and preservessugar content. Formic acid is used as a miticide by beekeepers.


Packaging details

35kg/hdpe drum         720drums/20fcl          25.2mts/20fcl    
                              250hdpe drum            80drums/20fcl             20mts/20fcl        
                              1.2mts/IBC drum        20IBC drums/20fcl       24mts/20fcl

7Formic Acid142Formic Acid82Formic Acid53

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