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Non Volatile Mineral Acid Phosphoric Acid for Fertilizers

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Product Description


Product Description

Phosphoric acid, also known as orthophosphoric acid or phosphoric(V) acid, is a weak acid with the chemical formula H3PO4. It is normally encountered as a colorless, syrup of 85% concentration in water. The pure compound is a colorless solid.Phosphoric acid is commonly encountered in chemical laboratories as an 85% aqueous solution, which is a colourless, odourless, and non-volatile syrupy liquid. Although phosphoric acid does not meet the strict definition of a strong acid, the 85% solution can still severely irritate the skin and damage the eyes.

H3PO4       ≥85.0% 85.12%
AS             (ppm) ≤0.5 0.15
Pb             (ppm) ≤5 2.7
F               (ppm) ≤10 2
H3PO3       (ppm) ≤120 38
FE              (ppm) ≤10 2.8
CL             (ppm) ≤5 2.2
Sulphate(SO4)(ppm) ≤10 3.6


Product Specification

CAS No.:7664-38-2
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Grade Standard:Food Grade
Brand Name:TNN
Model Number:85%
Certificate:ISO 9001 HACCP KOSHER

Application Area

Agriculture: Phosphoric acid is a raw material for the production of important phosphate fertilizers (such as calcium superphosphate and potassium dihydrogen phosphate), as well as for the production of feed nutrients (calcium dihydrogen phosphate).

Industry: Phosphoric acid is an important chemical raw material, and its main functions are as follows:

1. Process metal surfaces to generate insoluble phosphate films to protect the metal from corrosion.

2. Mix with nitric acid as a chemical polishing agent to improve the smoothness of metal surfaces.

3. Phosphate esters are the raw materials for producing washing products and insecticides.

4. Raw materials for producing phosphorus containing flame retardants.

Food: Phosphoric acid is one of the food additives, which is used as a souring agent and yeast nutrient in food. Cola contains phosphoric acid. Phosphates are also important food additives and can serve as nutritional enhancers.

Medicine: Phosphoric acid can be used to produce drugs containing phosphorus, such as sodium glycerophosphate.



PackageDrum No.Net Weight per Drum Net Weight per 20'FCL

IBC Drum20.001100 KG22 MT

30KG Drum720.0030 KG21.6 MT

220KG Drum80.00220 KG17.6 MT

Package Drum No. Net Weight per Drum Net Weight per 20'FCL
IBC Drum 20.00 1200 KG 24 MT
35KG Drum 720.00 35 KG 25.2MT
220KG Drum 80.00 220 KG 17.6 MT

istockphoto-1269780420-612x612Formic Acid142Formic Acid82Formic Acid53

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