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99% Strong Alkaline Caustic Soda Pearls for Food

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Product Description


Product Name sodium hydroxide
CAS NO. 1310-73-2
MW 39.99711
EINECS 215-185-5
Apperance Flake, Pearls
Purity 99%min
Shelf life 2 years
Storage Store in cool and dry place,keep away from strong light

Sodium hydroxide is mainly used in papermaking, cellulose pulp production, soap, synthetic detergent, synthetic fatty acid production and refining of animal and vegetable oils. In textile printing and dyeing industry, it is used as desizing agent, scouring agent and mercerizing agent for cotton cloth. In the chemical industry, it is used to produce borax, sodium cyanide, formic acid, oxalic acid, phenol, etc. It is used in the petroleum industry to refine petroleum products and is used in oilfield drilling mud. It is also used in the production of alumina, surface treatment of metal zinc and metal copper, as well as glass, enamel, leather, medicine, dyes and pesticides. Food-grade products are used as acid neutralizers in the food industry, as peeling agents for citrus and peaches, as well as detergents for containers such as empty bottles and cans, as well as decolorizers and deodorizers.
When sodium hydroxide is used as a basic reagent, it can be used as a neutralizer, a complex masking agent, a precipitant, a precipitation masking agent, an absorbent for a small amount of carbon dioxide and water, and a color developer for the determination of ketone sterol by thin-layer analysis. It is widely used Used in the manufacture of various sodium salts, soaps, pulp, finishing cotton, silk, viscose fibers, regeneration of rubber products, metal cleaning, electroplating, bleaching, etc.
In cosmetic creams, saponification such as sodium hydroxide and stearic acid acts as an emulsifier to make creams, shampoos, etc.

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a) Widely used in papermaking, synthetic detergent, soap, adhesive fiber, artificial silk and cotton goods in light textile industry

b) Pesticides, dye, rubber, fertilizer in chemical industry

c) Petroleum drilling, refining petroleum grease and purifier in petroleum industry

d) National defense industry, mechanical industry, lumber industry, metallurgical, pharmaceutical industry, urban construction and so on.

Industry grade caustic soda pearl 99% min

Product name: Caustic Soda Pearl 99% MIN/ SODIUM HYDROXIDE 99% MIN
Other name:Granulated caustic soda
Molecular Formula: NaOh
Appearance: White pearl, solid



Warehouse & Loading
Packing: 25kg/bag or as per customers' requirements. Flakes 26MT/20FCL ; Pearls 28 Tons/20FCL

Caustic Soda Pearls02Formic Acid142Formic Acid82Formic Acid53

Product Application

One of basis chemical raw materials. Used in textile, printing, detergent, paper-making,soap, metallurgy, glass, dyeing industry enamel, oil-refining, the purification of coal tar products, making synthetic fiber, plastics,wood processing, machinery industry and many other industries.


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Shijiazhuang Xinlongwei Chemical Co., Ltd., focus on Liquid Hazard Chemicals and being one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of Hydrochloric Acid, Sulfuric Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Caustic Soda Liquid, Nitric Acid and Lead Nitrate in North China.

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