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Hydrogen Peroxide 99.9% Food Grade Concentration Hydrogen H2O2

  • hydrogen peroxide

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Product Description


Product Description

H2O2, commonly known as hydrogen peroxide. Commercial products are generally 30% and 3% aqueous solutions, but the concentration can reach over 90%. When stored, it will decompose into water and oxygen. When exposed to light, heating, or impurities entering will accelerate the decomposition rate. A small amount of N-acetylaniline, N-acetylethoxyaniline, etc. can be added as stabilizers. Under different circumstances, there may be oxidation or reduction effects. It can be used as oxidant, bleach, disinfectant, dechlorinating agent, as well as for making rocket fuel, organic or inorganic peroxide, foam plastic and other porous materials.

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Product Specification

CAS No. : 7722-84-1
EINICS NO.: 231-765-0
UN NO.: 2014        
Purity: 50%
Appearance: Colorless Transparent Liquid
Grade Standard: Industrial Grade, Electronic Grade,  Reagent Grade

Storage & Packing

1) Packaging and storage of hydrogen peroxide should be carried out in plastic or stainless steel containers, and the top cover should be equipped with a dust-proof exhaust port to safely release potential gases and avoid danger.

2) Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizing agent and corrosive, so attention should be paid to painting the "corrosive item mark" specified in GB190 and the "upward mark" specified in GB191 on storage and transportation containers.

3) According to the transportation rules of oxidants, organize transportation to prevent violent shaking.

4) Hydrogen peroxide should be stored in a cool and ventilated warehouse. During storage and transportation, avoid direct sunlight or heat.

5) It is strictly prohibited to mix and transport with alkali, metals, metal compounds, flammable materials, reducing agents, and other items.

6) Do not directly touch hydrogen peroxide with your hands. Wear plastic gloves during operation. When hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with the human body or splashes into the eyes, immediately rinse with plenty of water or physiological saline.

7) If the packaging cracks or leaks, or when the leaked hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with combustible materials, it should be immediately rinsed off with a large amount of water.

8) Equipment and containers that come into contact with or store hydrogen peroxide should have sufficiently large exhaust ports to prevent equipment from holding pressure and causing overpressure explosions, leading to fire accidents.

9) The materials used in the production of hydrogen peroxide, such as equipment, pipelines, and fittings, must comply with relevant standards and be cleaned and passivated to prevent heavy metal ions from entering the hydrogen peroxide water and causing decomposition.


PackageDrum No.Net Weight per Drum Net Weight per 20'FCL

IBC Drum20.001100 KG22 MT

30KG Drum720.0030 KG21.6 MT

220KG Drum80.00220 KG17.6 MT

Package Drum No. Net Weight per Drum Net Weight per 20'FCL
IBC Drum 20.00 1200 KG 24 MT
35KG Drum 720.00 35 KG 25.2MT
220KG Drum 80.00 220 KG 17.6 MT

7Formic Acid142Formic Acid82Formic Acid53

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